Kotohiki Beach is on the Sea of Japan coast.  It is in Kyoto Prefecture and is a three hour train ride north from JR Kyoto Station.  The first picture shows the hot spring 温泉 in the middle of the beach.  The second photo shows part of the dinner we had the first night.  The sixth is an image of a cold natural shower in case you get too hot from the summer heat or the nearby hotspring.  The eighth is a contrail visible from the beach.  The ninth is a photo of three young honies off to a Pythagorean conference down at the other end of the beach.  In the eleventh, we see two Helios worshipers, victims of another gloriously lazy day at the beach.  The 12th was dinner one night, and yes, it was delicious.  The 13th photo was that night’s dessert.  In the 14th image we see our star, the Sun, saying goodbye until the following morning.  In the 15th shot, we see a guy fishing but he catches a boy.  We hope this was a case of catch and release.  In the 16th these two hawks were part of a much larger group circling a part of the beach.   The 17th photo introduces us to a couple of veteran beach lovers (and their feline friend) who have been coming to this beach every summer for at least 26 years.  In the last three photos, there was a summer festival at a nearby town on the night of 30 July.  Look closely at the guy on the right.  Has he shapeshifted into a fish?

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