The ten pointed tetraktys is an ancient Pythagorean symbol of Kosmic unity.  The ouroboros herein emphasizes Oneness.  We are used to numbers being quantifiers: one apple, two oranges, three bottles of beer…  One and two, however, are not numbers traditionally; they are Father and Mother of All.  The starting point is One, not zero, as Robert Lawlor says in Sacred Geometry.  It makes all the difference.  Instead of relegating 1 to another mere quantity (rendered null and void with zero) we should consider placing 1 back on His throne as the Foundation.  One restores meaning to an increasingly meaningless shopping mall global meme. Contemplate the One.  It pervades all, is all.  Everything comes from the One and so He sits atop the equilateral triangle.   Two is the line and Mother.  Three is surface and 4 is volume.  We also see the four hermetic elements of fire, air, water and earth.  Musically we hear the 1:2 (octave), 2:3 (perfect fifth), 3:4 (perfect fourth).   Also within the tetraktys is the a hexagon with the sun in the middle, symbolizing the 7 days of the week, the 7 alchemical steps, the 7 chakras.  The Virgin 7 surrounded by the Thrice Greatest Hermes.

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