Womanizing Washington Square Arch architect, Stanford White, fell deeply in love (or lust?) with the beautiful Evelyn Nesbit around the time this photo was taken.  White, so the story goes, had a red velvet swing installed in his apartment where he’d have pretty young lassies undress under the influence of champagne (and who knows what else) and have them swing away.  Libido runs wild.

Nesbit eventually married millionaire Henry Kendall Thaw.  Thaw couldn’t get over White taking his wife’s virginity a few years previous and so on 25 June 1906, at Madison Square Garden’s roof theater, at a performance of Mam’zelle Champagne and during the song “I Could Love a Million Girls”, Thaw spotted White and shot him in the face thrice and killed him instantly.

High school English teachers beware.


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