FW Murnau’s 1926 adaptation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faust_%281926_film%29 of Johann Goethe’s Faust, and earlier versions of the same story.

Earth today is the Devil’s playground.  Almost everywhere you go these days, totalitarian globalist federalist forces, headquartered in Satan, condition mankind to “succeed”, meaning to strive for material goals in an increasingly difficult playing field where the global economy today is a horrific fraud-filled, dog-eat-dog universe now heading down a sewer–by design.

When I watched this I couldn’t help but think of President Wilson.  Wilson is the alchemist Faust.  Mr War Castle makes him an offer he can’t refuse and thus buys the soul of the President and the country he leads.  During the happiest time of year, this time back in 1913, Wilson hands over America to an immigrant from Germany.  Ninety-six years later, the devastating impact of the Federal Reserve Act has made itself felt in Amerika like never before.  Amerika is on a one way road to Harare; its chief financial officer is Robert Mugabe.  A War Castle controls the country and its necessary mission is to perpetuate war, not the traditional variety where there are two sides, but a manufactured one starring bogeymen in caves, or commies you secretly back, or what have you.

Each of us faces the temptation Faust faces in this tale.  We sign pacts with the Devil when we want to become rich and famous, or when we get obsessed with star news and think of nothing but gorging on KFC, Taco Bell and GMO-modified freedom fries under the Golden Arches.  Our ship is sinking but we prioritize the only lifeboats for Tiger and his pussies.

The collective result of Satan worship these days is the madness we see everywhere now on Earth.  Satan is time-bound, dedicated to lead and feeding the masses a constant diet of lies.  Only Satan demonizes a life gas, CO2, and brainwashes his followers to believe it worldwide.  Only Satan would make you think a caveman carried out 9/11.  Only Satan sanctifies plastic and demonizes hemp.  Only Satan coerces you into swallowing toxic ARVs should you test positive for HIV, a retrovirus that has never been isolated (and even you think it has, a healthy immune system will get rid of it). Only Satan would add rat poison to your water supply and tell you it’s good for your teeth.  Only Satan would call one of his generals, Holy Mountain (Monsanto), and carry out the Devil’s work.  Only Satan makes interest-bearing debt money and forces the world to use this blood of the Devil as currency.

Look at the 15th Major Arcana Tarot card:

I see Earth and its inhabitants voluntarily chaining itself to Devil worship.  I am also reminded of one of Goethe’s most famous quotes:

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

That’s us folks.  If you believe carbon dioxide is a pollutant, you are chained to an interest-bearing black hole and need to do a lot of homework to set yourself free of the goat horns sticking out of your head.   If you think being able to vote for Obomba, or Brown or Hatoyama, or Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo makes you free, you are in fact a slave, Neo.  And you’re doing your little bit to perpetuate the Devil’s reign on this planet.

Look at the inverted pentagram placed atop the Devil’s head.  Inside it is a pentagram facing up; it’s not shown but it’s implicit.  We need to start looking at the stars again, the real stars, instead of what Yahoo leads us to all the time.

It’s going to be harder for greater numbers of people to make ends meet this time next year.  We continue shitting on the likes of Thomas Jefferson and urinating on Jesus, and so we reap what we sow.

Enjoy the flick but, Mephisto, where the hell is the GMO-free popcorn?


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