Peter Duesberg is an excellent example of what happens to anyone established in the Matrix of Lies (life in our modern “civilization”) who turns around and questions it.  He was a cancer research hero, buddy buddy with Robert Gallo, making lots of money and a celebrity professor.  His “AIDS denialism” changed all that.

HIV/AIDS is a huge problem-reaction-solution, cousin to ADD/ADHD, global warming/climate change, the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, the ongoing financial meltdown, and a few others you might not want to mention on a family-orientated blog.

AIDS Inc is a business but a sick one.  The idea that the retrovirus HIV causes AIDS is falling apart as one of AIDS Inc founders, Luc Montagnier, makes clear here   Drugs aren’t necessary when a strong immune system should take care of so-called HIV.

AIDS is what happens when you swallow the pharmaceutical cartel’s toxic drugs: death by poisoning  Duesberg knows this and this is why people like McGill University’s Dr Mark Wainberg describes him as a “scientific psychopath” who belongs in jail.

If your livelihood depends on lies you will do what you can to defend it like Abe Foxman who thinks an anti-Semite hides behind every tree, or Al Gore who tells you carbon dioxide is a pollutant that is destroying Earth.  Barry Axelrod wants you to think cavemen destroyed the Twin Towers and Building Seven because he is a liar serving his interest bearing cash cow masters on high who want to bring on World War Three, and ever greater levels of interest-bearing debt.

All you have to do in order to understand the HIV/AIDS controversy is to find out who Luc Montagnier is and watch the clip with him (see above) many times if necessary and let the horrific genocidal implications of what he says sink in.

This is important potentially life-saving information because most of us are dumbed down products of schooling.  You don’t get this point of view on the news because there is not much money to be made in promoting a healthy immune system.  When most people get a positive reading on a meaningless HIV test, they immediately think a cocktail of meds, which eventually will probably kill you.  And at the bottom of it all there is nothing but belief as the foundation, for, as Kary Mullis, 1993 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, points out, he still can’t find the original paper showing HIV being the cause of AIDS.

You have been lied to your whole life.

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