Chaim Malka, author of “The Selection” summarizes (part 1, 07:45-09:00) this Israeli documentary about the deliberate and massive x-raying of Sephardi children in the 1950s.  The dominant Ashkenazim, under the leadership of Dr Shiba, regard the Semitic Sephardim as Arabs, that is to say as beasts walking on two legs.  You can’t really do a Deir Yassin on these ones–they’re real Jews after all–so you do the next best thing: super-ionize the children and claim you are trying to help them get rid of ringworm.  Not a pretty story but one worth knowing about.  It has a lot in common with Annette’s , Pilger’s documentary, “Stealing a Nation”, which we posted five days ago.  And this story is just another reminder of what an insane asylum Earth is.

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