Most of the people who visit Taiji’s cove during the summer months, those who come to swim with two captive Risso’s dolphins have no idea what happens starting September 1st: the cove turns into a bloodbath.

The business of dealing mercury-contaminated dolphin meat, and its flipside, selling live desirable female dolphins to this and that Sea World clone worldwide, are two practices that have to stop.

Taiji in summertime is a euphemism covering up the bloody spectacle that started two days ago officially.  Taiji’s cove during the hottest months of the year symbolizes much of life on this euphemistic planet.

Rick O’Barry comments regally on the micro issue of the disgusting trade of dolphins–live and dead.  Allow me a moment or two to comment presently on the larger issues involved.

If you’re not careful after watching The Cove, you might fall victim to hating all Japanese.  The film can trigger the race card in certain susceptible individuals; it will leave some of those people thinking all Japanese are involved in the trade of live and dead dolphins.

There are much larger issues involved at work on this euphemistic planet than certain men in Taiji who slaughter dolphins.  Three such issues are the general way we humans treat ourselves, each other and the rest of the planet.

You might say “You can’t compare dolphins and cattle slaughtered at Smithfield Packing House because dolphins are much more intelligent.”

Leaving aside the question as to why the dolphins, in spite of their intelligence, don’t flee Taiji area waters starting September 1st, we should consider an animal many of us would consider even higher up than the dolphin: humans.

O’Barry tells us about mercury contaminated dolphin meat.  Fine.  But what about the mercury we inject into ourselves with our ever increasing numbers of vaccines?  Humans are creating global warming Erog La preaches, so one solution is mercury-containing full spectrum light deficient fluorescent bulbs.  Some will think “I’ll never buy another Toyota again as long as the Nipponese kill dolphins.” yet when you fit another fluorescent light into your living room ceiling reasoning you’re green and sane, you are actually visiting Taiji in the summer to swim with captive Risso’s dolphins.

The next time you happily chew on your Big Mac remind yourself you are actually visiting Taiji in the summertime and you are swimming with captive Risso’s dolphins.  Watch Food Inc to remind yourself your Cove-based decision never to purchase another Nissan is meaningless.

Honestly, I think what happens in Taiji is abominable.  Amerikans can feel proud they live in the land of the free where bad things only happen in the minds of conspiracy nuts.

Ever hear of Corexit 9500?  While Taiji whalers slaughter the innocent spare a moment for the Gulf of Mexico and what happened this year.  Chemical warfare is what happened.  And the culprits are getting away with murder.  If you don’t believe me, ring Ken Feinberg.

Yes Taiji whalers are an unsavory lot but consider the guys who make mincemeat of us all: the banksters who ensnare the pee-ons of the world under cover of the malleable cove between your left and right ears.  Bill Patterson, founder of the Bank of England (1694) says all you need to know about the biggest con under the sun: “The Bank hath benefit of interest on money which it hath created out of nothing.”

Rick O’Barry’s crusade against the offal Richard III-approved dolphin slaughter at Taiji is something we should be digesting so that Taiji’s sordid business comes to an end.   At the same time, however, don’t let Hollywood guide you into a mental cove wherein you believe Taiji’s annual blood ritual is the only issue under the sun.  While they have you trapped in a cove making you feel putting off that Honda purchase would be the best thing to do, there is a whole ocean of deception out there in open waters Hollywood ain’t ever gonna touch.

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