Israel’s ICTS ran “security” at all three 9/11 airports.    It also ran “security” at Schiphol on 25 December 2009, when the panty bomber, on a mission to inseminate Mick Shirtoff, boarded Northwest Flight 253 to Detroit.   All USSA telephone calls, moreover, go through Israel’s Amdocs* (Amerikans can’t be trusted).

Plutonium is the key ingredient in making nuclear weapons.   Best to leave its monitoring to the folks from Dimona, the experts in clandestine nuclear bomb making, and Vanunu-proofing.

Just after Barry Soetoro was selected as the Democratic Nominee, his first highly symbolic act was to prostrate to AIPAC  Someone’s gotta rule the world, and Barry, along with top Japanese officials, know who that someone is.

*Check this out:  Carl Cameron reports on Amdocs from 05:41.    For those antikagan conspiracy nutjobs out there who doubt Arabs own Hollywood, and that a caveman and his 19 Koran-carrying box-cutters carried out 9/11, it might be time for 9/11 missing links

Addendum, for all you obsessed with Made in Israel Stuxnet:

Addendum 14 May 2011: Read this explosive, non-kosher-certified Jim Stone report about Magna & Fukushima.