The communist NWO-UN-IMF-WHO-IAEA-Codex Alimentarius are celebrating Obomba Bin Byden’s killing of fugitive Saudi caveman, Tim Osman.   First, the birth certificate legitimizing the latest BPA-flavored, alpha-emitting banker marionette.  Then, in order to recognize World Communist Day, May 1st, US Forces storm some house in Pakistan–they finally learn how to use Google Earth–and shoot the man who miraculously dustified the WTC with oxygen-starved kerosene fires.  Next up to the plate will be the globally televised invasion of Earth by those scatological extra-terrestrials, the Klingons.

Tim Osman’s supposed death is your latest GMO-modified, interest-bearing mind-fuck brought to you by your sponsors at the IMF, Monsanto, General Electric, Tokyo Electric, Areva, the New York Times, Amdocs, ICTS and Magna.    George Monbiot’s Crime It Change platform, the Guardian, recognizes the faked photos of Tim Osman to its credit.

When Bolivian forces executed Cuban commie Che Guevara in 1967, the evidence presented was credible.   The above Guardian-linked photographic “proof”, the cause of insect celebration in the USSA, is not evidence.  But because Obomba Bin Byden appears on your idiot box spewing the latest Huffington Post propaganda, you believe it and hit the streets and party with your fellow creepy crawlies.

Our fake Tim Osman photos adhere to a very successful pattern our illustrious Neshekians use to control us: the bigger the lie, the more we the Smithfield Packing House-bound cattle believe it.

Think of suicide bombers.   “The 19 hijackers” are the archetypes, yet the evidence is non-existent.  The lie is repeated endlessly, so the TV generations swallow the bait and wipe their asses with Jefferson pasted on a two-timed Federal Reserve Note.

Think of almost any other supposed suicide bombing story and ask where the evidence is aside from hearsay.  This is just a bunch of statements, whereas this is evidence of actual Japanese suicide bombers in WWII.

That Manhattan Golden Rectangle, otherwise known as the UN Building, sits on land that used be an area of slaughterhouses.  In spite of its propaganda, the UN is dumbing down the world.  We are all–most of us anyway–insect-like Smithfield Packing House-bound Herefords.  We are getting sicker by the minute.   Low level radiation is getting higher by the second.  Other toxins are unleashed rabies-infested dogs spreading terror on the biosphere.  As Confucius says, if your leaders are bankrupted, bloated, and corrupt so too will the pee-ons be: as above so below.

The most basic political issue is who gets to make the money.   In 1913, Democratic President Woody Wilson handed US sovereignty to a German Kagan immigrant from the firm, War Castle Inc.   Neshek is the bonding bite still lodged in the neck of humanity which is why gold is now closing in on $1600/ounce.   Even though Tim Osman “has been killed” the totalitarian Patriot Act will continue being the law of the land in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika, and serve as a role model to sycophantic colonies such as Japan.

GMOs are here to stay.   Computer-generated bacteria cannot be recalled by design.  Nuclear power is safe, clean, cheap and effective at combating satanic carbon dioxide; and that is why Fukushima school kids will be swimming in new safe radiation levels.   Bankers who need trillion dollar taxpayer-funded welfare checks will continue receiving them.   The fake wars will continue because you didn’t listen to Ezra Pound; instead you locked him up, the caged eagle at the Kobe Zoo.

You are now officially an extra in George Romero’s latest zombie flick because the land you tread on, the air you breathe, the water you drink is a movie set.  You won’t be paid much, and your wages won’t be adjusted to Red Shield-created inflation in the coming months, but cockroaches and cattle like you, specializing in PhD-level stupidity always find a reason to celebrate your own demise.

We live under Maritime Law, so a toast to Tim Osman’s sea-drenched corpse!