May 5th 2012 update.   If you’re going to watch Madsen’s outstanding flick about Oncalo, you’ve gotta watch its companion too.

August 28th 2011 update:  Madsen’s flick has disappeared from YouTube.  Watch it here–

January 12th 2012 update: watch it here

Nuclear power is insane in bad times and good times.   Fukushima is now an internationally-recognized nuclear brand name.   And even in good times nuclear is expensive, very poisonous, and dangerous.

In this first installment of Michael Madsen’s documentary, we start our tour of Finland’s Onkalo (“Hiding Place”) Earth’s first “permanent” nuclear waste repository.  If you think nuclear power is cheap, repeat after me: “Nuclear waste must be stored safely for 100,000 years.”

100,000 years.

Store your waste for a hundred thousand long ones.

The Sphinx’s water erosion suggests 9,000 years or more.  The Great Pyramid and Stonehenge around 5,000 years old.

Anyone crazy enough to back nuclear power has to deal with waste.  And the waste question is like Building 7 is to entry-level 9/11 Research.   Nuclear power’s lies, spin, distortion and internationally televised programming as seen on UNTV, lulls the world’s pee-ons into an SSRI-flavored Obaaaaaaamadom.

Nuclear power is extremely expensive and perfectly mirrors how depraved is Usura, the fount from which this madness is born, just like the arms industry, the dirty business of politics everywhere, Crime It Change, GMOs, and the fake wars on Terror and Drugs.

Nuclear power is now an international roadshow and not everyone sits on Precambrian rock like Findland does.  Japan, for instance, sits on the non-stop movement of adolescence.   The cat’s out of the bag now because it’s almost common knowledge storing spent fuel rods above nuclear containers is nuts and will have to be shipped elsewhere, and that involves huge risks now and in the future.

Mankind is determined to prove her stupidity which is why Oncalo is being built, no doubt paid for by Finnish pee-ons.  Work at the repository is expected to go on until at least 2100.

After Onkalo’s decommissioning in 2200 or whatever, there will be forests, people, moose, fish, houses, farms, fairy tales…life will be so normal you’d never know Finland’s most toxic shit was stored just below you.

Assumption is the Mother of All Fuck-ups.

Onkalo is the Hiding Place.  Cover-up that nasty toxic stain and remind yourself nuclear is safe, clean and cheap.

There ain’t no alternative, moreover, to Neshek.  Don’t worry about it: accept it.  Nothing else is coming so watch TV and drink cheap beer.   After reading this–The Federal Reserve was formed in the Cold Dark Hidden Death of the Sun–you will delete it from your memory.

There will be no human intrusion at Onkalo.

Assumption is the Mother of All Fuck-ups.

Beavis & Butthead’s wishful thinking about Oncalo’s future is but the madness of nuclear power Bernaysian wannabes.  Why create eternal dumps?  Do you hate your grandchildren that much?  You cannot control fissioning uranium atoms you sick fucks.   Even in the best of times, you must build Oncalo, the prototype of such repositories for a planet orbiting the Death Star.

The future might interpret Oncalo as “religious”, eh, Butthead?   Oncalo is not the Great Pyramid, a temple mirroring the Squared Circle relationship between Earth & Moon.  No, Oncalo is a monument to man’s infinite stupidity.

Hey Beavis, don’t compare your ultimate rubbish heap with Giza, you sick pup.   Study some geometry.   Visit John Michell and Mike Schneider before you open your mouth again about important topics.  I bet you’re on an SSRI right now that you think the UN is the manger of the messiah.

“It could be valuable.”

You can spin anything, including that morning turd of yours.

“Mommy, I wanna store my turds forever.  Someone in the far future might value my shit greatly.  Never underestimate the power of poop.”


The occult reason for nuclear power.   Alchemy for a planet on Zoloft, Made In Dimona, melting down at Fukushima.

Bequeath ladders to the Light, not poison that refuses to die.

Justifying insanity is a typical human goal in this latest Dark Age.   The more educated you are, the more likely you are a nutter who believes voting counts.

We got Tim Osman.

USA!   USA!   USA!

“This is where the cartoon comes in.”

I don’t recommend Bugs Bunny, after all.   Stay away.  Radioactive.  A whirlpool into alpha-emitting Nescience.

Edvard Munch, The Scream, still missing the last I heard.

The Scream is suicidal humanity and its most powerful manifestation is nuclear power.

Moose shit you can deal with.  It ain’t radioactive, unless infected with Chernobyl or Fukushima.

Nuclear waste depositories are the ultimate in sweeping something unpleasant under the carpet.   Splitting uranium atoms ensures there’s a nasty mess under Mother Earth’s garments for centuries.  Gives a whole new meaning to the term, “mother-fucker”.

These talking heads spinning the insane nature of Onkalo are highly paid strumpets.  Yet, they are protected by the larger beast that is the New World Order.   Normal is cuckoo.  That’s why we are bequeathing this radioactive stain to the future.

“Nobody knows anything at all.”

But we’ll go ahead and create a paradise for cockroaches and scorpions.

The Sudbury region is a meteorite impact crater.   There are many such features on Earth and sooner or later we’ll get hit again.   Onkalo is but the first of its kind.   Russian roulette is built into our interest-bearing nuclear powered UN-poisoned world economy.

Carbon dioxide isn’t the enemy; Neshek’s nuclear power is.   Nuclear power invented totalitarian Crime It Change.

“If you want to use nuclear energy, there will be nuclear waste.”

So why do it?

I know.

Dis made you do it.

A message to the future.

The way we’re going now, we’re doing all we can to destroy the biosphere.   A message to the future assumes there will be one for savagely sick humanity.

End plutonium-producing nuclear power now.