7 April 2012 Update

Kerry Cassidy interviews Jim Stone–


1 June 2011 Update: Listen to Feet to the Fire interview Jim Stone on 30 May 2011 http://jancikradionetwork.com/2011f2f/f2f.110529-p2.mp3 about this report.

14 February 2012 Hijacking SCADA is easy https://kyotoobserver.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/forbes-hijacking-scada-is-easy/.

In the last 24 hours Jim Stone commented on one of my recent posts re Dimona-based Arava-based Magna and its relationship with Fukushima I.   I’ve had an initial look at his Fukushima article.

He makes some startling claims you will never hear mentioned on any caveman-peddling mass media outlet.   That’s not surprising because when the subject is Israel you have to whisper and look around to see who is there.  There are plenty of pugnacious foxes in the woods.   In the world’s largest whorehouse, Bordello Potomoc, the slightest criticism of Israel is career suicide.  The KO is, however, as far as legally possible, a free speech zone.   Just about no one is talking about Israel’s connection to Fukushima.  This isn’t a Zionist corporate GMO-modified blog so let’s investigate.

This is foundational: the reactor at Fukushima I #3 is gone http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/containment.jpg.   Any talk of a breach in the container, or a partial or total meltdown there is gibberish.  Ditto for any robotic swim in the unit’s spent fuel pool.

A couple of weeks ago, over at Alexander Higgins’ blog, one of his readers posted some high-resolution photos–some of which are contained in the above Stone links–of the devastated Fukushima I, as well as his assessment that Reactor 3 and its spent fuel pool are gone, thanks to the March 14th explosion.  I didn’t quite follow.   Stone, in contrast, makes it clearer for the reader to see that, yes, the reactor is not there.   He–not me–asserts only a nuclear device Magna implanted into the reactor chamber, probably fitted onto a camera, could have destroyed it.

Stone says Unit 4’s explosion on March 15th, the day after 3’s spectacular mushroom cloud-producing one is Fukushima’s Building 7.   Unit 4 had been shut down for refueling and this is what makes an explosion impossible.  I am in no position to say how accurate this statement is however.   Unit 4, moreover, some think was the heart of a secret Japanese weapons program.

The author assumes the one camera Magna installed at Fukushima I was in Unit 3, inside the chamber.  He cites this http://www.jpost.com/Defense/Article.aspx?id=212168j JP article.  I could find no evidence Magna installed it in 3.  The JP is vague.  There were 4 explosions and so the article could refer to Units 1, 2, 3, or 4.

The IDF-produced Stuxnet virus is what crippled all 12 backup generators at Fukushima I (1-4), Stone alleges.  He says Stuxnet appeared at the plant in June 2010 and cites this http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/national/T101004003493.htm Yomiuri article that possibly contradicts Stone: “In Japan, no public utilities have been affected by the virus.”

In Stone’s favor, however, is that Siemens control systems are known to have been installed at Fukushima.  Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) controlled Fukushima I and that–the Siemens program– is what the Stuxnet worm targets.

I’m just a beer drinking blogger and not a nuclear power plant operator.  I had no idea those tall white stacks http://news.discovery.com/earth/2011/03/12/fukushima-zoom.jpg are for venting hydrogen in the event of a cooling system failure.  Until I read this article I had thought the GE designed-catastrophes-in-the-making were never addressed.  Turns out after Three Mile Island, hydrogen venting stacks were built worldwide, including Fukushima.   This adds a major complication into the theory–let’s stick to Unit 3 for now–that Unit 3’s explosion was because of a huge amount of hydrogen igniting.   Does Unit 3’s big bang look like a nuclear explosion because it is?

The strange case of Unit 4 is ignored everywhere but here with Stone.  On March 11th, it had been shut down for refueling.  Stone links to a “classified” photo that shows the container’s lid sitting somewhere it shouldn’t.  Why did Unit 4 explode on March 15th?  Why is no one investigating ICTS and 9/11 and Schiphol Christmas 2009?

Stone believes a nuclear device also triggered the March 11th earthquake.  Once we enter this arena, we are led to believe all recent earthquakes are Haarp-related or nuclear related or brought about by scalar weapons.  Stone says there aren’t earthquakes in the Japan Trench normally yet in 1896 the magnitude 8.1 Sanriku Meiji earthquake caused a tsunami that reached 35 metres in some places; it killed 22,000 people.  In the Pacific Ring of Fire, Mother Nature is a often a tempestuous bitch.

Another problem with falling into the artificially produced earthquake theory is the company.  Ben Fulford thinks Japan has been a bad boy when in fact Japan has been NWO to the core for a long time.  It accepts all UN lies, HIV/AIDS, the efficacy of vaccines, the Wars on Terror & Drugs, the sanctity of usury and nuclear power.

That said, Stone raises a lot of important issues surrounding Fukushima, and in particular the question of Israel.  Conspiracy researchers can easily declare open season on the mere mention of Dimona because that’s where Israel secretly makes nukes.  Israel, moreover, rules the world.  Either that, or the minimum we can say is that this tiny country is to geopolitics as Norway is to the Winter Olympics.  Pound for pound, Lord Rothschild’s Israel is Earth’s mightiest country and gets away with anything.  It is so powerful that the USSA, the EU, and, by extension, Japan, are its colonies.

But as I said at the beginning of this rant, mere mention of Israel is taboo in the NWO, unless of course, you’re a Barry Soetoro type and praise it to the stars as being the fountain of freedom in a region frothing with Islamic hatred.   No one, aside from internet sources, will investigate Magna and Fukushima because we pee-ons of the world are programmable two-legged insects, awaiting instructions from tonight’s 6 o’clock news.   The 6 o’clock news is nuclear powered, addicted to interest-bearing debt, totally Zionist-orientated, and dedicated to lying to the masses in order to maintain the banksters’ iron grip on the world now clearly on a one way mission for rendezvous with the Dark Star Thanatos.

You may not agree with everything Jim Stone says, but this article is necessary reading.