Eye have been a sungazer for two years.

There are many claims made about this practice.   You will become Superman.  All diseases you have will disappear.  You will become an irresistible vortex to members of the opposite sex…

Thus far, I haven’t noticed any of the above happening.  With continued practice, who knows, one day perhaps I’ll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

According to HRM, the most famous popularizer of sungazing, you have to sungaze barefooted.  I don’t have time to remove my shoes when I’m on the move.  Besides, when other people see you barefooted in a city park, staring at the Light of the World, they might think you work for Al CIAda and call up Special Forces.   So if you can only manage sungazing with your shoes on, don’t worry, just do that.  But still, going without shoes is best way to sungaze.  Connecting to Mother Earth without petrochemicals on the soles of your feet is the way to go.  When conditions are right: remove your shoes.

You can also sungaze while treading water, a summer method eye highly recommend when you’re at the beach.

The Japanese have the Sun parked in their national flag but this nation no longer worships the Sun Goddess Amaterasu.  One reason why the Japanese are disgustingly and morbidly complacent as Fukushima pollutes the world is that it is now the otaku and hikikomori nation.  It spends too much time indoors under pineal gland-destroying fluorescent lights.  When kids finish school they routinely go to another fluorescent-lit school.   Full-time teachers habitually get back to their fluorescent-lit homes at 22:00 and are back at their fluorescent-lit schools at 07:30 the following morning.

Sunlight is the most essential food.  If Japanese only spent more time outdoors–not necessarily sungazing–they wouldn’t have a nation known for its high suicide rate–pre-Fukushima, 88 daily suicides nationwide.   Italians have lots of holidays and use them to go to the beach or the hills.   Because they spend far more time outdoors than Japanese, they voted out nuclear power.

The Sun is Sol.

Sol is Soul.

Like soles of your feet

Touching Earth directly

When Sungazing.

There are many regal wannabes

Here on Earth.

Eye worship the only King there is:

The Light of the World,

His Majesty the Sun of God.

Let His photons race directly

Into your Pineal Gland

And perform

The Sungazing Experiment

For a year.

You won’t necessarily become Superman.  But by connecting to the Day Star directly, you enter the Court of the King of Kings for a little bit every day.  There is no Light like that of the Sun.

The same world that screams nuclear power is safe, clean and cheap; the same world that tells you usury is sacrosanct, is the same one that shouts “Sungazing will blind you!”

Eye Sungaze for health because health means whole.  Humans are fragmented and disintegrating.  Human culture aims for Pluto’s realm; until further notice, this is the pattern worldwide.

If your gut tells you, however, Apollo’s party is where the happy healthy fun is, look to Him–Our Father Who Art in Heaven.