a bank tends to subjugate government;

It tends to collusions,

to borrow 50 and pay back one hundred,

it tends to create public DEBT.

1694: Loan One Million 200,000.

Interest 80,000, Expenses 4.

GERM, nucleus, and is now 900 Million.

It tends to beget and prolong useless wars;

aggravate inequalities; make and break fortunes.

Ezra Pound, excerpted from Canto LXXXVIII (Sorry Mr Pound, WordPress only let’s me align your lines as you see them here.)


Earth’s primary geopolitical question is who gets to make the money.   In the case of the USSA, its illustrious Democratic President Wilson gave away what was left of US sovereignty in 1913 to the War Castle.

One of the publicly stated functions of the Fed is dollar stability.   Yet, back at the symbolic death of the sun 98 years ago, $20 bought an ounce of gold.  Today, you need around $1600.  What’s that?  About a 99% collapse in the purchasing power of the the greenback?

Can you say, “Financial Terrorists Are Deadlier Than All Armies Put Together.”?

I knew you could.

Amerikans and the rest of the usurious world will continue chasing their own tails in their halls of power and will achieve nothing unless they address the question of usury.

If it isn’t apparent to you now that Barry Obomba is a Kary Mullis-denying, nuclear powered, SSRI-addicted, GMO-modified, raw milk-despising, Bill of Rights-shredding, torture-loving, drone-drooling, bankster puppet, it means you went to a kosher certified UN-approved school, graduated from it, and are now in front of your idiot box sucking back what Kanadians call piss.