The hive mind looks contemptuously upon single black moms.  If you are on the dole receiving a few hundreds a month, it’s embarrassing telling the world.

Careful about the language you use and the thoughts you think.  The thoughts you think are yours have been surgically implanted into your mind by years of UN-sponsored brainwashing, something the masses call schooling.  You go home, tired after a day in classes, at the office or factory.  You then turn on the idiot box and your brainwashing is reinforced.

Single Hispanic mom now with 28th child to receive two-thousand bucks a month from the taxpayer.

Disgusting isn’t it?  Didn’t her mama tell her to never depend on government handouts?  Self-respect, bitch; self-respect!

So how come the hive mind could give a fuck about the taxpayer-funded $16 trillion in welfare payments to bankster beggars?

Many wonder why Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka… streets aren’t boiling over with the molten anger of Japanese ready to decapitate their government officials and utilities companies executives now playing roulette with the Japanese genome.

Aspartame-starring stupidity is the universal result of defecating on Thomas Jefferson and Ezra Pound.  We don’t seem to care about anything–the bulk of humanity that is–except for the pursuit of physical pleasure and the avoidance of pain.

Next stop, ladies & gentlemen: Smithfield Packing House.