That video was awesome heart,…I’m all fired up now!

James Tekton, here is what I sent to my family and friends. It is NOT all inclusive–like, broken cell wall chlorella, spirulina, sodium alginate,..etc,..But, I wanted a simple 5-step plan they MIGHT do. I went for the biggies:

How to (possibly/probably) survive “Fuku-Uppy” on a financial shoestring.

I shall endeavor to keep this first post very simple. More will be revealed.

#1) KEEP YOUR ALKALINITY HIGH-7.4—–I use 1 heaping tsp of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
added to 1 tsp maple syrup, and 2 ounces of water-DAILY!

#2) ZEOLITE COOKIES SAVED THE RICH KIDS,..( In Chernobyl)..Zeolite has become more and more expensive since these ‘accidents’. Also, there is controversy over liquid or powder. The cheap way is the make your own. Zeolite is Clinoptilolite–Volcanic ash. Nothing more,…nothing less!
‘Sweet PDZ’, at your local Tractor Supply store can sell you a #25 bag for about 10 bucks. (This is CRUDE folks,…but very effective). Video of zeolite’s founder, and ‘Sweet PDZ’ avail. upon request. I’m not making this stuff up guys! I’m using it with great results! :-)

#3) Bentonite clay,……Between 1 tsp- 1 Table spoon per day. I drank mine for three months–now I put it in empty gelcaps. I take 6 a day to equal the spoonful amounts.

#4) Boron—Buy 20 Mullteam Borax– that is boron—women-1/8th teaspoon,…men-1/4 tsp-DAILY

#5) Apple Pectin—-1400 mg’s day–Usually only (2) 700 mg. capsules.

There is a bit more–but THESE ARE THE LIFESAVERS!

Why pooh-pooh this,…..if I’m wrong–you’re no worse for the wear–actually ‘cleaner inside’,……
But,…WHAT IF I’M RIGHT???? Could preparation MAKE YOU the smart TORTOISE? INDEED! :-)

FIVE SIMPLE STEPS-CHEAP. These are also safe for children and Nursing Mother’s. These are the populations MOST AT RISK!!!!!!!!

1) baking soda–PLEASE AT LEAST do this! I pray!
2) zeolite clay,…however you want to buy/ingest!
3) bentonite clay,….any form,…”Edible Earth” is best-PRICY!
4) Boron–”20 Mullteam Borax” CHEAP at K-Mart and Wincos, etc,,…
5) Apple Pectin-look for the higher Mg’s.

Stay safe, smart, and full of HOPE. God will do the REST!!!! :-)

I love you all!



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