Ask your Obomanaut colleagues what Barry is doing to save the world these days.

Mr Terrell, Ezra Pound was not “paranoid”, as you describe him in gloss 56* of the 95th Canto.  A group of international conspirators–it is illegal to name them–are indeed keeping the right information from the people.  These usurious vampires, as Pound correctly saw, want to assassinate Jefferson and Adams.  Look around Carroll.  Ever hear of the Patriot Act?   Please now step into this Chertoff-reviewed x-ray body scanner before you board your flight back to Heaven.

Remember Mr Cresote from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life?  Creosote is the MOX-fueled, war addicted Usurious Soviets of Amerika, Europe, ANZ, China, India, Japan, UN-IMF-WHO-IAEA–they are all one and the same.

The Amerikan nest of this nescient reptilian cast of criminals of the highest order is crumbling; Detroit best symbolizes the collapse of Brand America.  Its number of poor keeps growing and they are fed on DNA-damaging GMOs.   The (false) messiah is nuclear-obsessed and spews the lie that the effects of long-term exposure to low-level radiation are unknown.  The con game that is the  Federal Reserve is a $120 trillion disgusting sack of the universe’s vilest, most poisonous smelling fart, soon to detonate; that’s why gold will hit $1700 soon.

Volcano Fukushima’s eruption knows no end, yet the only response from the UN, Barry Obomba,  and Carla Bruni’s husband is to attack Libya, a country without a central bank.  This is something only the neschekian USSA-Creosote conspiracy can conjure.

When insanity usurps the throne, the struggle to re-seat the Light will be an ugly mess.

*  Scroll down to page 588.