Money is perhaps the mightiest engine to which man can lend an intelligent guidance.  Unheard, unfelt, unseen, it has the power to so distribute the burdens, gratifications, and opportunities of life that each individual shall enjoy that share of them to which his merits or good fortune may fairly entitle him, or, contrariwise, to dispense them with so partial a hand as to violate every principle of justice, and perpetuate a succession of social slaveries to the end of time.–Alexander Del Mar, History of Monetary Systems, 1896*


If my bottle shop were looted I’d be pissed off too.  But when you examine the bigger picture, that of your sick society, one in which guys are paid millions to kick a ball, or highly made-up women are lavished with more millions for wearing steak dresses and promoting Satanism, you gotta wonder why.  Why is it that I get paid minimum wage for flipping Wimpy burgers and then find out I can’t even afford the Tube ride back home?

Davey Boy announces more budget cuts.  Student tuition tripled overnight because “There is not enough money.”, yet days later, Davey Boy, the White House Messiah, Carla Bruni’s midget wrestler lover, and all the other UN/NATO action figures initiate their DU-flavored murderous assault on the modern day Abd-el-Melik, Colonel Gaddafi.

On 7/7, the Tube explosions were from under the train, not from some “freedom-hating terrorist’s” knapsack inside the carriages.  Tony Bliar insists on weapons of mass destruction, and kills a million Iraqi sand niggers.   Tony loves the taste of DU-enhanced marmalade and assures Iraqis it’s for their own good too.  The BBC, aside from stellar productions like the Shakespeare Collection is an interest-bearing City of London propaganda machine spreading GMO-modified, fluoridated lies to keep the diabolical hemp-despising petrochemical edifice standing.

The New World Order is materialism gone to the max.  Materialism and meaninglessness are the same thing.  And when you’re young, black and male or female, the odds are stacked against you in Rothschild’s universe.  The problem is no secret; it is the ancient question about who gets to make the money.   Davey Boy, you’re supposed to think, is an independent man looking after the interests of England’s green and pleasant land.  Thing is, he ain’t.  He ain’t because the Bank of England is above the law and as Lord Acton keeps reminding us: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You might think the present financial system is as natural as breathing, eating, sleeping, shitting, pissing and fucking.  It’s what the City wants you to feel and your school’s job was to ensure you fit into this insane world like the mindless automaton you have become.  Do your job, pay your taxes, be nice to the authorities, watch TV, go the ball game, vacation on the Costa Del Sol, Brighton Beach, Clapham Junction…and every little thing is gonna be alright.

Money is the key to control over society; the means to make the social machine a stage full of guinea pigs, such that when you squeeze the life blood of the poor enough, there will be a predictable backlash.

Instead of fussing over the petty criminals, observe what the MOX-tailored suits do every day in front of your face.  As Dave Icke observes about Tony Bliar, you know precisely when he is lying: whenever he opens his mouth.