Fag inhalers who toss their ends onto the beach, on the forest trail, out the car window, down the storm drain…are everywhere.  We’re dealing with a real environmental problem here, but there is close to zero publicity because thou shalt only know about Crime It Change, the world’s only real ecological catastrophe caused by that satanic gas you exhale, carbon dioxide.

Here in Nature Loving Japan, fag inhalers are generally a disgusting lot of humanity.  Beach lovers, like yours truly, observe them toss their fag ends onto the beach or into the water, one after another.  They do so without the slightest concern like teenagers on trains blissfully emailing their cell mates.

If you want to suck on fags, that’s fine; I’m a country boy.  But seriously, folks, instead of mandating the use of environmentally destructive fluorescent light bulbs, we have to force people to roll their own fags in biodegradable hemp paper.  Filters must also be biodegradable, by law.   Cigarette smokers are by and large animals and so no amount of education will coax them into properly disposing their cigarette butts which is why biodegradability is the only answer; at least biodegradable fag ends decompose in a short time.

I wonder what Chinese beaches are like.