In 692 AD Abd-el-Melik “the Arabian caliph…determined to assert his independence of Rome…struck gold coins–Currency-symbols with his own effigy, holding a drawn sword [I doubt this sword is drawn]…” —  gloss for page 688 of Ezra Pound’s Cantos in Cookson’s Guide, page 222

Just as Abdul Malik told Byzantium Emperor Justinian II to take a hike and mind his own business, thanks very much, Muammar Gaddafi, wishes to do the same with this proposal for an African gold dinar.

Gaddafi doesn’t dress in a manner that would prompt you to leave your kids with him, but appearances aside, his dinar proposal has balls–and good on him.  Chutzpah Man doesn’t want to accept Federal Reserve toilet tissue anymore as payment for African oil.  What a revolutionary move, and most probably the basis of NATO’s disgusting offensive against the people of Libya.

Gaddafi is acting sensibly on the payment question.  The dollar is a $120 trillion joke based on nothing but the world’s UN-IMF-IAEA-WHO-sponsored stupidity.  The way the greenback is looking these days–more than moribund–anyone with a few functioning brain cells wouldn’t accept shit stained asswipe as payment for black African tea.