There is no shortage of Japanese wailing and gnashing their teeth over lost exports.  TEPCO says they had no idea Mother Nature would be a bitch.  This is, after all, Nature Loving Japan, so how could it be possible to even conceive of something as nasty as March 11th?  Japan and Mother Nature share a relationship no other nation or culture can boast of.

If you were intelligent you wouldn’t even have a nuke plant operating on solid Precambrian because they are all ticking time bombs.  Fissioning uranium atoms are to Fukushima as cockiness is to Phaeton.

If Fukushima were happening in France or the USSA, Japanese consumers would be reacting with the same alarm as Taiwanese.  Assuming there is a future for Japan–at least from Nagoya westward–let this ongoing tragedy be a lesson for Japan.

No more nukes.

Geothermal is the way.