The technique of infamy is to start two lies at once and get people arguing which is the truth.–Ezra Pound

You ridicule Dave Icke because he thinks the ultimate power brokers on this planet are shape-shifting fourth dimensional lizards.

Yet when MSM give airtime to these bullshit stories about aliens possibly planning to attack Earth because of our Crime It Change infractions, you say nothing.

Why are these alien invasion fables making it to the pages of “respectable papers” like the Guardian?

Because they’re setting us up for the next big false flag wherein Barry Oboma, or whoever, will rescue screaming humanity and offer the only hope for our survival: in-your-face-world-government; one that will finally tax your satanic exhalations.

If eye were some regime change addicted ET eye’d attack Earth because I’d want to terminate usury, and its alpha-emitting offspring the petrochemical/pharmaceutical/fake war addicted/GMO-modified/nowhere leading university diploma requiring leviathan.