This propaganda makes you feel light and fluffy.  Ain’t nothing like safe, clean and cheap nuclear power.

But why bother with nuclear waste for a hundred-thousand years?  Why not invest in geothermal like the intelligent Icelanders do?  Do we need to sustain our fluorescent-lit shopping malls, convenience stores, schools, offices and factories, our nuclear-powered, GMO-modified, fake war-addicted lifestyles?  It’s better to be self-sufficient fishermen, hunters, farmers, enjoying the true basis of credit, the abundance of nature.

Sumer was founded 7000 years and here we are building monuments to our insanity, tunnels that are supposed to last forever storing our waste.  The next time MSM “informs” you about a “suicide bomber” find out where the evidence is aside from hearsay.  The only confirmed suicide bomber known to mankind is our glorious civilization, about to crash into Building 11.

A hundred-thousand fucking years.