Japanese history goes back to 660 BC when Emperor Jimmu got the ball rolling here, yet Ken Otuska of Futabe town calmly considers turning the joint into a permanent repository for nuclear waste, something that will stay extremely toxic for 100,000 years.

I like this quote:

If we are going to move away from nuclear energy, then we have to deal with the problem of high-level nuclear waste. It’s hard, but I feel that having received the benefits of nuclear energy, we hold certain responsibilities.

What benefits might he be talking about?  Short-term thrill bribes?  The feeling of being atop the world with a few yen in your pocket?  Does he consider Fukushima being finished–thanks to the LDP, Tepco and the IAEA–a benefit?

A hundred-thousand years of dealing with Pluto’s garbage dump.  Fuck Shinsuke Shimada’s supposed links to organized crime.  Look at the real criminals ruining your lives, you idiots.  Why do you all hate your country, your Earth, your food supply, your lives, your children this much?