Noda will change nada.

Politics worldwide is a corrupt BIS-owned and directed puppet show.  The Teleprompter Messiah, Tony Bliar, Boy Bush, Davey Boy, Carla Bruni’s midget, Cory Aquino, Nelson Mandela, Pete Truedough, the greasy plant food-hating Peter Garrett, Prime Minister Con, and now Prime Minister Nada Noda…are all part of a bankrupt system mirroring the Dark Age of Kali we all have the misfortune of living in.

Why bother even checking the news.  MSM is at best total bullshit.   When the best on offer is Naomi Wolf, why waste your time?  Read Chaucer (not the translated stuff) for a change.  Review your Jimi Hendrix LPs. Thomas Jefferson didn’t read newspapers and neither should sanity-preserving moderns.

Eye’m off to the beach to worship Fire, Air, Water & Earth.