FDR stole your gold in 1933, so why wouldn’t Barry–Change We Can Believe In–Obomba do the same?

I told a friend reading a vampire novel yesterday at the beach that I don’t have to read such novels because usury is vampirism at its blood-sucking best.  The monolithic political economy–it will have no gold dinars thank you very much–is feed for the bite of Neschek.

New World Order vampire victims cannot see the fangs lodged in their throats sucking the lifeblood out of them.  Jefferson and Adams no longer offer their vampire-killing services because the market is gone.  When the classics and the hearth disappear, each “free” family owes an unfunded $1.3 million and counting.

I told you to watch your ass during the Teleprompter Messiah’s reign–not that Moribund McCain would have been any better.