Rense rants a while and inserts a Gundersen clip you’ve heard before here.  Jeff begins interviewing Shimatsu about 45% of the way through this audio.

Most of the stuff you probably know.  It reinforces the point you don’t have to salivate over Shinsuke Shimada’s links to “organized crime” because the real organized criminals in Japan are running the country, together with their international criminal overlords, the usurious UN/IMF/WB/IAEA/WHO.

Hirose Takashi asserts Japan doesn’t depend on nuclear power contrary to what almost everyone thinks they know.  We now have 11 of 54 nuke plants online.  I haven’t experienced any power failures in Japan hitherto.  I suspect Hirose is right and that the idea Nippon absolutely depends on nuke power is a massive lie used to cover this country’s secret nuclear weapons program.  And you did know, didn’t you, that Dimona-based Magna installed the so-called security system–Stuxnet-targeting SCADA–at Fukushima 1?

From a Wilberian-Spiral Dynamics perspective, most people are stuck in purple, red, blue and carbon-despising green memes and so don’t give a fuck about Fukushima.   An otherwise lovely middle-aged woman today told me that the new Noda government is a step in the right direction.

Darling, can you please get out of the way.  I can’t see what’s on the idiot box.