via the ever vigilant ex-skf blogger

Here in Kansai I know of only one 外人 who packed up and went home–to Austria–and took his Japanese wife and family.   The rest of us seem undeterred by Volcano Fukushima no matter the degree of outrage at all the criminal alpha-emitting lies from the likes of the Japanese Government, TEPCO, the IAEA, Areva, Carla Bruni’s midget…

The enclosed map showing perceptions of Kansai people re Volcano Fukushima is accurate.  Even the most vociferous and fastidious anti-nukers I know of in my ken are in denial.  Talk, talk, talk, and more talk, and yet they stay and don’t flee to the Southern Hemisphere or Mars.

Gallagher’s American Ground Zero, an excellent book about human guinea pigs at and around the Nevada Test Site–the Test Site workers, US Military Personnel, and civilian downwinders–reminds me that the radioactive lies and denial from the nuclear-loving NWO  are nothing new.  The Japs are adhering to the disgusting pattern set by their nuclear masters on the other side of the pool.

Don’t worry about radiation people.  The Teleprompter Messiah is doing his best to prevent plastic boxcutter-wielding Arab fanatics from hijacking your UN-bound Neschekian Airlines flight piloted by the venerable Israeli First x-ray-adoring, Bill of Rights demolishing, Captain Michael Chertoff.  Look, moreover, to Barry’s fellow Nobel Laureate, Al Gore: carbon dioxide is the enemy, not plutonium-239.

Just stay positive and that way everything just might be alright.