I’ve met very few people who even know that all that stuff went on [a thousands nuclear detonations at the Nevada Test Site].  And that’s wrong, I mean, Jesus, it’s dangerous, I promise you!  If that can be done, and then suppressed to the point where it’s not common public information, then there’s danger in exposing it to public awareness.  There are vested interests in seeing it continued to be under wraps.  “You don’t say anything about this to anyone at any time.”  There was always an implied punishment.  “If there’s a breach in our security and you’re responsible for it…”  And in the Marine Corps, if they tell you something like that, there’s an implied threat in it.  You can bet that they would keep their word on it.  In the Marine Corps, threat is the primary motivating force.–Robert Merron, US Military Guinea Pig who witnessed some of Operation Plumbbob; excerpted from Carrole Gallagher’s American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War