Thank Number for earthly equinoxes.  Our two remind us existence is life and death, light and darkness, male and female, Sun and Moon*.  Underneath daily chaos, a profound order exists.

Here in Japan, during both equinoxes, and the three days on either side of them, 7 days in total for each, many people visit their family graves.  The tradition is called higan 彼岸.  During the two times of the year when Earth experiences equal day and night lengths everywhere, Japanese link life with death, the light with the darkness.

One big problem for many who write spiritual seeking on their resumes is the obsession with being positive.  They just want to be happy children all the time.  They deny their own repressed dark demons and pretend they are so full of cheer and all things good.  Meanwhile, a raging volcano often lies underneath, waiting for the spark to trigger violent eruption.

When you more closely inspect such positive people they turn out not to be real spiritual seekers because, as Ken Wilber correctly points out, they suffer from pre-trans fallacy.  They equate feeling good with spirit.  They interpret pre-conventional ego feeling fluffy with post-conventional worldcentric awareness.   As Sri Aurobindo says in Savitri, this whole wide world is male and female.

Below the apparent empirical differences we think we see in the world “out there” is Unity.  The universe is not called such for nothing.  It is turned into One.  All the good as well as all the bad are one.  It derives from One Seed.  Both the warm Light of the World, the Sun of God, as well as the Mossad/CIA, the nefarious dark agents who carried out 9/11.

Proserpina goes back to Pluto and the Underworld today because she balances the light with darkness.  You can’t have one without the other.   And that is why she always radiantly re-emerges on the Spring Equinox.

The Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes are excellent times for us to reflect on this life’s basic balance and harmony.  We need that now especially with all the gloomy news.  Conspiracy researchers especially need to balance the darkness with light.  Check into any of the big, medium and small sites, and all the news is dark and frightening.  Alan Watt says the biggest challenge in the days ahead is to stay sane.  We must find ways to find Spirit, which shouldn’t be interpreted as seeking an angry Inquisitorial mythic god in the sky, but rather, the qualitative source of all, the One from which all this emerges.

Don’t worry about Persephone saying good-bye.  She’ll be back on March 21st.

* Notice how from Earth’s perspective, Sun & Moon are the same size.  One of the many “coincidences” John Martineau explores in his book