This 60 minute-long Annenberg Media documentary about Ezra Pound is indispensable viewing.  Along with Pound himself reading his poetry, we meet many of his admirers starting with his longtime mistress, Olga Rudge, and their daughter, Mary de Rachewiltz.

New Directions publisher, James Laughlin, who has a pipe sewn onto the left side of his mouth, supports the poet throughout this presentation.

Literary critic, Hugh Kenner, speaks extensively.  Here is his possibly the best general guide to the Pound era.

Basil Bunting says when Pound moved to London in 1908 he had to catch up with the times by reading 50 years worth of poetry.

The only prominent Pound basher we meet is critic, Alfred Kazin.  He describes the Rome radio broadcasts, for which Pound was charged with treason, as ‘unbelievably incoherent” and “fiendishly obscene”.   If they were fiendishly obscene, how could they be unbelievably incoherent?   And if they were unbelievably incoherent, why was Pound thrown into a nut house for 13 years?

Kazin is an ambassador of the meme that demands anyone who questions the number 6,000,000, must be charged with hate crimes and kept in solitary confinement for years, like Ernst Zundel.

You can ask about Stalin’s genocides, or Mao’s, or Canada’s genocide against the Indians.  You can doubt the existence of the Creator.  You aren’t subject to prosecution if you doubt Armstrong walked on the Moon.  You can be a John Bircher and claim many blacks had a pretty good life working as slaves compared to contemporary Amerikan blacks working on minimum wage or being on the dole in violent, drug-infested inner cities.

But you cannot doubt WWII’s most quoted number in Germany, France, Poland…  Why?

Truth doesn’t need laws because it stands on its own, just like a circle’s radius always walking around its circumference six times.

Which reminds me that Pound will sooner or later be canonized in America and Hamilton DC will be renamed St Ezra.  What he says very coherently in the Rome Radio Broadcasts is that the bankers, who are mostly Stinkschulds, (in contrast to rank and file pee-on Yitts), start the wars like the Libyan fiasco.

The Federal Reserve was founded by Paul–War Castle–Warburg in 1913 during the symbolic death of the sun, the winter solstice.  You were kept in the dark then and you still are.  Because you live in shadows, your hive mind sides with Kazin, in spite of the Fed, and its cousins globally, being legal criminal enterprises making money as interest-bearing debt out of nothing by lending it into existence.

Pound is not nuts.  He states the facts and purges you of MSM dross.  Some of his Roman holiday language is emotional but there was a war going on and Pound was free.  Pearl Harbor was a banker inside job, just as the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor in 1898.  The middle eastern country that attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, and showed the world who Johnson and McNamara work for, also did 9/11  That is why Mick–Of the Devil–Shirtoff, solved 9/11 before it happened and had his magnum opus, the Patriot Act, ready for publication and ratification shortly after the planes hit the Towers; just like his airport x-ray body scanners were ready for immediate delivery on Christmas Day 2009.

Pound is a raving anti-Semite says the insect mind.  I guess that’s why the Teleprompter Messiah visited AIPAC as soon as he became Democratic Nominee.  Anyone who feels sick when Bibi gets 29 standing ovations at Bordello Potomac must be racist.

Google “Troy Davis” and watch how many hits pop up.

Next, Google “Mark Bavis” and compare to the above.

Not to deflate the enormity of Georgia’s extrajudicial killing of Davis but the Bavis family finally settling out of Judge Hellerstein’s court is a far more important case.  Close to no one is familiar with Bavis and everyone is familiar with Davis because this is still the Pound era, even more so than when the poet was alive.

Political correctness says no one group of people is better than another.  We are all equal and no lobby is more powerful than any other Bordello Potomac lobby.  This is bullshit and the reason why even mainstream Amerika is talking back   Pound is an economic extremist which is why with usura you get at least 40 million Amerikan ants on food stamps and each and every one of them owes $350,000 on the unfunded liability.  Who’s the extremist?

Getting back to the documentary, I’d have to say I was surprised to see Pound’s incorrect Chinese characters (29:17).  His stroke order is wrong and when you juxtapose that with T.S. Eliot saying Pound invented Chinese poetry “for our time”, you gotta wonder.

Aside from Ezra’s less than shining 漢字, I enjoyed watching this documentary.  It provides more and more clues to understanding one of one of the most misunderstood men of the Pound Era: Ezra Pound himself.

If you still think Pound is a lunatic you need to put these glasses on