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Whether the statements Goldbug makes about Maurice Strong (carbon taxes born through his birth canal), Maurice Greenburg (AIG-Kroll-WTC Security, John O’Neill…), etc, are true or not, I don’t know.  Matching up ears as quickly as this guy from Dallas does, reminds me of Jeremy Hauer’s solving the question as to who did 9/11 before it happened.

The Jefferson/Adams ideal is as far away from today’s USSA, as Kenneth Feinberg is from caring about justice for families of 9/11 victims and those of the BP/Nalco ecocidal petrochemical attack on the Gulf of Mexico.

Rick Sanchez’s epiphany is bolder the further you get away from Austin, Texas.

*Goldbugs assume their gold is safe from wanton communist governments such as that one now ostensibly headed by the Teleprompter Messiah.   Pound is right: the true basis of credit is the abundance of nature.   Mine invisible gold.