In Saitama prefecture, north of Tokyo, 111 brands of tea leaves tested for cesium were found to contain more than the government safety standard of 500 becquerels per kilogram, the local government said it a statement yesterday. One brand was found to have 2,150 becquerels per kilogram.–Bloomberg journalist, Chisaki Watanabe

Volcano Fukushima is sometimes in the news but it’s not thrown in our faces like OWS or the recent extrajudicial killing of Troy Davis.  Just as only a few people know about Mark Bavis, close to no one on Earth now hears about Fukushima, at a time we should be registering this unfolding catastrophe every day.

The Empty Suit Teleprompter Messiah Show, brought to you by Ed Bernays, AIPAC, the IAEA, and the BIS, mirrors the empty state of our bankrupt minds, made that way largely by watching TV, going to school, listening to our brainwashed parents and eating out at McDonald’s.   As Hugh Kenner says, citing Hugh Douglas, when you live in a world wherein total purchasing power is always less than the cost of production, a copy of Dante’s Divine Comedy will have less value than a box of ass wipe.

With usura, radiation supplements your KFC diet.