If it’s a forgery it’s based on something true

Like the Teleprompter Messiah’s first act as Democratic Nominee

Being his mandatory prostrations to the AIPAC Elders of Zion.


If you’re a dual citizen you can’t whore yourself at Bordello Potomac,

Unless, that is, you’re a dual citizen Israeli, like the Empty Suit’s first staff pick,

That same guy and meme who conducted those 29 standing ovations for Bibi

And will lead Amerika

Into another war for Israel…against Iran.


As Al Greenspan says, as long as the Fed is above the law of the land

Everything is hunky dory in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika.


Mr Fuld, where jew you get that $49 billion worth of icing on your cake?

Dunno.  I’m just Lehman’s CEO.  I don’t compute

Nor does my Blackberry open attachments.


Mr Bernanke, what happened to those trillions?

Dunno.  I just run the Fed…I’m 2009 Person of the Year…