RyanValejo comments on this interview:  I am a Canadian, and I can tell you that Canadians are: brainwashed retards, who worship TV, are self-absorbed, selfish, egotistical, materialistic, rude, obnoxious, self-centered morons, who would NEVER believe this story even if there was proof.  People here are completely out of contact with the Earth, Humanity and Love. North America is Screwed.

(Anti-Canadianism is disgusting.  Canada is the most moral country in God’s universe, the freest, sanest, nicest piece of property anywhere!)


Nothing as innocent as Canada.  Maple syrup-coated black bears feeding at the garbage dump, fishing for pickerel and pike up at the cottage, and Maple Leaf Gardens booing every time Orr gets the puck.

That quintessential liberal impossible-to-hate LSE-educated Pete Trudeau and that High Society shot of Margaret without her panties on-was that before or after Mick went muff diving?

Multicultural Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal–showing those wannabe Amerikans how to do it peacefully, like one happy UN-addicted family.  I guess that’s why all the homeless desperate drunks were injuns on sabbaticals from the reservations.

Canoeing in Algonquin Park under a chemtrail-free azure Ontario sky, while Neil Young reminds you how lucky you are you weren’t born south of the border in Barfalo.  Damn it all, are those New York plates and is that windshield in need of some finger painting?…”Yankee Go Home!”

There’s only one genocide on prime time Canadian consciousness, just as there is everywhere else, by law more or less, and it sure ain’t the one Canada committed in its own backyard on the people who settled there first.

Come here, darling, I’ve got a nice blanket to keep you warm.