Looking through budget requests that finally became available in their entirety at the end of September, I noticed that the request for funds relating to Monju, a fast-breeder reactor with a dismal track record and equally dismal prospects, stood at 21.5 billion yen, the exact amount the budget allocated for the project in fiscal 2011. Meanwhile, the budget request for nuclear fusion projects, which have even bleaker prospects than Monju, is 33.2 billion yen, twice that of the budget for the current fiscal year. This means that the fiscal 2012 budget allocation requests for all nuclear power-related expenses — which do not include any recovery and reconstruction costs — total around 440 billion yen, the same level as the current fiscal year.–毎日新聞 2011年11月7日

Volcano Fukushima continues spewing DNA-destroying radio isotopes worldwide

Yet it’s business as usual in plutonium-obsessed Japan.


Nuclear power:  a global conspiracy hiding behind the lie

That Canada and Australia are your nice guy next door neighbors,

That do nothing more nefarious than sucking back another Molson or VB.

Carbon dioxide destroys Mother Earth so

Best obey Mama Julia, cough up those carbon taxes,

And genuflect to your Transylvanian Monarch.


Nuclear power is like its partner in crime, usury,

That life-despising vampire sucking out your life force whether you know it or not.

They fuck you over and you pay for it all.


Alpha class Japan remind you of how criminal post-Pearl Harbor Amerika

Uprooted Americans of Jap descent and dumped them in Manzanar, etc.

Decades later, The Bedtime For Bonzo Show awards survivors

$20,000 worth of Federal Reserve Toilet Paper.

Just compensation for Fred Watanabe’s stolen Sacramento fruit farm.


Thing is the Japanese Government, TEPCO and the UN’s IAEA are

Sodomizing the people of Fukushima in a similar way today

Ala Ken-You Have Insufficient Documentation-Feinberg.

And no one seems to notice except those directly affected.


The usurious world conspiracy, a team of Bernaysian psychopaths running it all,

Including the Ad Busters-sponsored Occupy Wall Street movement,

Massage you into contemplating that koan as to whether that basketball player

Is splitting from Kim Kardanshian

Because of the non-stop stink of cultural degeneracy emitted from her fish hole.


The Protocols are just a forgery, a hateful constellation of lies

Making you forget you are free to reserve seats for the Shinkansen trip

To Tokyo Disneyland this weekend.

Never forget you live in the Free World

And that the Teleprompter Messiah–with his oriental pooch, Nada Noda–are saving the world.

Young Hiroki and Lena are looking forward

To shaking hands with Mickey & Minnie.