yet thousands of homes are empty waiting to be sold by the bankers that screwed the economy by design–boosomentity

When you 2 time Tom Jefferson by slapping him on Federal Reserve Ass Wipe, you get kids living in cars in the Land of the Free.  Just as you disposed Ezra Pound in trash bin St Elizabeths you catapult Jefferson into enemy hands, the prison, the slave network, the organized crime family known as the Federal Reserve.  And there he is, Tom, looking at you, wondering when you’re going to release him.

You probably think this is just 2 bucks.  Eye see the world’s most fundamental conspiracy.  If you want political power and want to be top of the class, you must make and control the money supply because you’ll be able to control it all.  Twenty-nine standing ovations for Bibi at Bordello Potomac screams the identity of the Man Behind the Curtain in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika–neshek.

File:US $2 obverse-high.jpg