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When Inês Peres de Castro was exhumed, after her bloodthirsty murder,

At least she received due recognition as King Pedro’s Queen.

When you exhumed me, in spite of my authoring the political document

That guards your freedom, health and happiness,

You threw me into prison, the Federal Reserve,

Where I still await release.

You obese TV-addicted idiots–get that KFC lump outta your mouth–

Say there are no conspiracies in the Land of the Free,

But just look at where you dumped my body,

Precisely the type of prison I warned you about

And what the Constitution is designed to prevent manifesting!

Freedom vs tyranny

Mr Adams and I lived and died together fighting for Freedom,

But you six-legged traitors have all fallen

Under Mr Hamilton’s spell Made in Geryon

Wherein you beg for your own putrid demise.

What could be the greatest nation on Earth

You Prozac-flavored shitheads are converting

Into an interest-bearing poisonous wasteland

Where you goose step hand in hand with

Your latest teleprompter messiah into

The permanent darkness you seek.