There was a butter shortage not too long ago in Japan, or at least in Kansai there was.  Those who stocked plenty of food in the (ongoing) aftermath of Volcano Fukushima, shouted triumphantly, “See, it’s starting already.  A global food shortage is nigh.  Either you stock up or you’re dead.”

That Japanese butter shortage came and went just like the bottled water one.  And so too will this Norwegian butter dearth–probably.

Stocking up on a few items is a good thing to do, but many go overboard.  They don’t understand that when the shit hits the fan, there are going to be hungry people eventually willing to kill to eat.  And so when someone sees well-fed you, you might be targeted for a late night blitz.

Not only that, but communist governments, above all, the one the Teleprompter Messiah ostensibly heads, will ensure that terrorist suspects like you don’t store food.  Federal agents are already seeking food hoarders.  In the already well established NWO, you will eat and do only what the government tells you to.  Try selling that lemonade, bitch, and we’ll shoot to kill.

2012 is just around the corner.  Just as Abraham was circumcised at age 99, the Federal Reserve criminal cartel turns 99 next year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a global financial circumcision, involving massive overnight currency devaluations–for the good of all schmucks of the world, the kosher-certified sons of sion will say.  Such an immediate change in people’s finances, however, could cause food disruptions in many places.

When that happens, though, the most prudent thing to do would be to have yourself set-up in Patagonia, after having realized there is much more to life than the futile search for the higgs boson.