You still see westerners pointing fingers at the Japs for being like sheep.  With the magnitude of the ongoing TEPCO crime against humanity and life on Planet Earth, you’d think there’d be millions of people in Japan protesting and demanding the sound of rolling heads.  But no, the biggest anti-nuke demonstration so far was a measly 60,000 in Tokyo, the population of which (greater metro that is) is 36 million.

That the Teleprompter Messiah is about to approve the sentence of death imposed on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, with no one aside from Alex Jones and a handful of others, saying anything against this outrageous assault on America’s founding principles, reflects the totalitarian reality that is the Usurious Soviets of Amerika today.

Japs aren’t the only sheep in the world.  All the Yanks have to do is look in the mirror to find another equally cowardly four-legged brain-dead TV-focused, sacred geometry-denying, money-loving, nature-despising, BPA-adoring animal delightfully marching off to permanent night–the FEMA Slaughterhouse.

John Michell says in Confessions of a Radical Traditionalist, modern madness started accelerating when homes lost the hearth.  So instead of having purifying fire attract your attention, you now have an idiot box defecating 24/7 lies beamed straight into your already school-caused comatose brain cells.

At least Amerika was an interesting idea…