Ancient human story whose chapters keep unfolding down to our day: freedom vs tyranny.

I recently saw one of the early episodes of Bronowski’s Ascent of Man (see my links on the right), the part where he talks of man first domesticating the horse wherever it was, somewhere in or not so far from the Fertile Crescent.

You now have an edge over those who don’t have horses.  You have the means to tyrannize, the way to terrorize and dominate your neighbors and fellows.  If you’re short of grain, organize the first cavalry and steal to your heart’s content.  The Road to Dresden and Hiroshima starts with the domesticated horse.

Fast forward to now.  Officially you’re supposed to believe an Arab caveman did 9/11.   The evidence, however, points to Mossad/CIA (in that order).   The mounted horsemen, those who paralyzed the mighty Incans and present day citizens of the Usurious Soviets of Amerika, want you to believe cavemen are still out to get you.  Hence, the necessary evil of S.1867.

Ezra Pound went to St Elizabeths for 13 years for “treason”.  He expressed pro-American Constitutional views from his Roman broadcasting center.  Just as officially you’re supposed to think an Arab caveman did 9/11, you’re supposed to get sick when you hear the name Pound mentioned.  “Oh that traitor!…Oh that antisemite!…Oh that literary peacock!”

But ask yourself, Who are the traitors?  Who is destroying freedom and feeding Team Tyranny, those mounted men from hell?   The genius poet or Israel’s Uncle Ben, that two-headed hydra known as Barry Shalom?