This weekend’s biggest question is whether the Teleprompter Messiah has signed the draconian and anti-American S.1867.  I could only find the above link from Salem News saying Barry signed it.  I can’t confirm this, however, because there ain’t much out there, aside from Kobe’s divorce, a Penn State quarterback getting into a locker room brawl, whether Howard Stern will make a great America’s Got Talent judge, and a host of other Kali Yuga headline news.

If President Soetoro did indeed sign this John Adams-despising blueprint from hell on December 15th it would make sense–exactly 220 years after the birth of the Bill of Rights.  What better way to finally destroy

File:Bill of Rights Pg1of1 AC.jpg

this than to do so on its birthday.

Stay tuned for that much needed confirmation.

In the meantime, Cicero comments: