The Light of the World, the Day Star, symbolically dies during the 3 day long winter solstice.  That’s why the criminal cartel, the Federal Reserve, was born when the light of understanding/reason was gone, the middle of the winter solstice, December 23rd, the first day of Hanukkah 1913.

These are dark days and while Alex Jones can only say so much–“Arabs own Hollywood.”, AIDS is something aside from Acquired Iatrogenic Disease Syndrome…–there is no else like him covering many areas of the worldwide bankster conspiracy, the pathogen now manifesting as the early days of outright martial law in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika, ostensibly headed by the false prophet, the Teleprompter Messiah.

We still haven’t heard any news yet regarding President Soetoro’s signing S. 1867, but if he were to do so during one of these three days it would make sense.  The mainstream media have said nothing.  Who the most hated NBA players are, Justin Bieber’s latest pranks, and TV’s worst shows of 2011, are more important than the official declaration of war on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

Enter Alex Jones.

Here is a classic rant for your viewing pleasure.  And if you don’t share some of Alex’s fury about what is happening in the “Land of the Free”, you must live on a factory cattle ranch, wrong side of the fence that is, like the majority of Smithfield Packing House-bound Herefords now shamelessly calling themselves Americans.

Merry Christmas, Alex!

God bless Austin, Texas.