Cold, glassy sky,

New Moon’s horns, glorious Venus

low in the western sky.

Sun’s arcs bigger and bigger,

days longer.


Kosmos perfect as ever,

A year away from

Winter solstice 2012.

Bet nothing happens.


Eye met an Obamanaut

and flushed him down the toilet today

along with everything else

this body rejects.


One creature viler

than a sycophantic Republican:

a sycophantic Democratic,

one who can’t wean himself off

Barry Obomba’s teat

and Michelle’s fat ass.

Would rather stay in Hades forever

than spend six months in the Sun

every year.


S.1867, nothing to do with the

Teleprompter Messiah.

Chaos rules the world.


No “They”, only the mess out there.

Think of Barry’s achievements

instead of trashing him

like the disgusting racist you are.

What do you watch?

Fox and Prison Planet

poison for your gullible mind?


Cult of Personality sucks

like Dyson does to Democratic trash

lying around the house.


No matter what Barry does all that matters

is he’s in the house that is white,

carrying out the teleprompter orders

from his coronal Chicago Elders of Zion.


That rude mechanical pseudo-ayahuasquero

guitar playing insect repeats Jon Stewart:

Republicans are stupid.

Democrats are cool.

Article of faith, the questioning of which

renders you a Crime It Change denier and

subject to immediate arrest

under new law of the land

NDAA 2012.


This Obamanaut is like your Obamanauts over there

on the other side of the big pool,

just another order-taking Smithfield Packing House-bound Hereford

trying to snuff out the

Light that is John Adams.


What was that Dave?