Shalom says “price stability”.

Eye say “enslavement”.

What has that 98-year-old fart done for your country aside from giving you perpetual wars on manufactured demons, toadying mass media outlets, obsequious schools, medical mafias, raw milk-hating culture, hemp-despising Thanatos memedom, dual citizen Israelis serving in high office, an unfunded liability amounting to $350,000/person, drone swarms, teleprompter messiahs, and now legislation making it kosher for your loving government to kill you anytime it so chooses?

DiLorenzo teaches us a lot–he has major limits however–about our crazy totalitarian times, and in particular events unfolding in the warmongering Usurious Soviets of Amerika, Earth’s most pretentious country, still lecturing others about “human rights” (lol, can u say “NDAA 2012”?).  When Alex Jones shouts Ron Paul is the only one trying to save the Constitution it’s sobering knowing this precious document has been null and void more or less since Lincoln’s days when he vaporized any sense of the individual states and its citizens having sovereignty over DC.  The Leviathan State has been alive and well from the beginning.  When Indian and bank killer, Andy Jackson, reigned supreme the monster went into temporary hibernation.  After Jackson’s departure from this world, Wounded Knee, the false flag sinking of the Maine, the creation of the Federal Reserve and Amerika’s entry into the “War to End All Wars”, all went along smoothly–Hamilton’s wet dream come true.

NDAA 2012–same ol’ maggot infested shit, different maggot infested century.