Honest Abe a dishonest tyrant?

Why not.

Millions still deify Barry Obomba and think Hitler is the ultimate icon of evil.  Mena Airstrip got nothing to do with Dad’s Colombian blizzard ’cause Bill’s my hero. Vote Democrat.

The USA, being the most pretentious country in the universe, lectures Earthlings and others about peace, freedom and human rights.

In a parallel universe, however, it provokes others to fire the first shot–Strait of Hormuz anyone–or simply invades other countries and kills millions based on lies such as nefarious Gulf of Tonkin gooks or Iraqi sand niggers and their weapons of mass destruction.

And now we have the Teleprompter Messiah signing free America’s–the remaining theoretical shreds that is–death warrant, NDAA 2012.


Lincoln freed the slaves.

America saved the world from tyrants in World War I and World War II.

NDAA 2012.

Close to 50 million “free” Amerikans on food stamps; many of these and their employed countrymen can’t locate their own country on a blank map.

If you’re lucky to have a job, you’re most likely a wage slave working at Walmart or that satanic clown’s place.

Your share of the unfunded liability, $350,000, and counting.

Drone swarms coming to a battle theater near you.

Got more than a week’s supply of food stored in your house?

More like a year’s worth.

Step into the white truck, fuckface Al Qaeda-sympathizer.

Can I phone my lawyer at least?

Either you move now, or I kill you motherfucker.


Thanksgiving Nevada style.

organic everything

professional chef

salivating party animals

Knock on the door.

Federally mandated ugly whore bureaucrat.

Bleach that biohazard–and I said do it now!

But it’s delicious healthy food.

Bleach it now and don’t try to sneak it into your pig pens.


Why ain’t any states of the union seceding now?

Because Lord Lincoln proscribes it.

It’s the law

just like NDAA 2012.


Long live Hamilton DC!

Happy Days for Totalitarianism.

C ya at Camp FEMA!