80 years or so of terrestrial existence

life living a lie

you are the great pretender

money to your name

no money to your name

don’t matter

you are the great pretender

liberal or conservative

don’t matter

both terms, many more adulterated


just another shrieking munch painting

flatland materialism

nothing but pleasure & pain

horizons stretching endlessly

to witness “al qaeda’s”

nato-endorsed murder of gadaffi

frog jumps

sound of fossilized sahara aquifer

tim osman dustifies wtc

with oxygen-starved kerosene fires

pacific nuclear disaster

dimona connection

what dimona connection?

where is reactor 3?

nada noda’s cold shutdown

“crime doesn’t pay”

mercurius dies of aids

dr duesberg scientific psychopath

oh yes

we’re the great pretenders