Behold the fell beast with the sharp tail curled

  That mountains, walls and armour pierces through!

  Behold him who corrupteth the whole world!

excerpted from Binyon’s translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy, Canto XVII


gustave dore’s geryon for dante’s divine comedy illustrated, wikipedia

KO posted a video yesterday about YOU being collateral/security on your loving government’s endless loans from private central banks like the Federal Reserve, and the Bank of Kanada.  A little searching around shows the clip comes from Bushwack’s “Slavery by Consent”, a film made by some Muslim guy living in Kanada.

Bushwack’s film is poorly produced.  A lot of the background music is awful and too loud (I approve of Part 2’s BGM, however, the excerpt from Kymatica).  The guy, moreover, doesn’t spell check and the result is embarrassing.   Aside from these major blemishes the flick still has the basis of a future film that can be more powerful.   It’s the information we smelt from the mess the film is, getting rid of the dross, that reveals some profound insights into the shit hole we’re in.

Ron Paul, Alex Jones, and who have you, rant all the time about Amerika’s disappearing rights and the Obama regime’s threat to free America–NDAA 2012 anyone?  Problem is there is no Bill of Rights applicable to YOU, no government-restraining Constitution for the united States of America anymore, hasn’t been since Lincoln’s days–his national banking acts and nullification of states’ rights.  And especially since 1913, when traitor Woody Wilson gave birth to the Revenue Act and the Federal Reserve Act, Alex Hamilton’s wet dream come true.

YOU are not who you think you are.  Jordan Maxwell’s testimony is particularly interesting.  You are born in your mother’s water and thus you will be subject not to civil law but to maritime law.  Your birth certificate indicates ownership, but by whom?   The Federal Reserve, etc, those black magicians who own YOU.

Woody handed what remained of your sovereignty to Daddy Warbucks in 1913.  Twenty years later we get the idea.  The debt is beyond our means to pay.  Bankruptcy 1933.  33 vertebrae, 33 years of Jesus Christ, 33rd degree Inspector General, 3 (Moon) x 11 (Earth) = 33…  I said I want your fucking gold because it’s now mine

Just as Barry Obomba was sold as a messiah so too was FDR once upon a time.  He, and Churchill, are anything but (read what Pound thinks of them) unless you’re a Hamiltonian.  The New Deal is that your loving government pledges YOU as social security on the constant loans your precious government takes out “for the good of the nation”.

I don’t blame you for not wanting to watch this flick or bother thinking about any of the issues.  It’s all depressing.  You can accuse us or Bushwack of paranoid conspiracy theorizing, but if you care to open your puss-filled eyes and remove that smelly wax from your ears, it’s more than apparent who the Great Satan is, none other than the New World Order, the main branch of which is the Usurious Soviets of Amerika.  NDAA 2012, the latest manifestation of the totalitarian leviathan, the polar opposite of what Jefferson had in mind for his country.

“The Constitution!   Geryon threatens the Constitution!”

What fucking Constitution!?  Geryon ate it up ages ago, shat the waste, and wiped his ass with $2 Federal Reserve Notes.

How do you explain Amerika’s collective yawn in response to the December 31st 2011 Teleprompter Messiah signing of NDAA 2012?  A military budget bigger than all others combined.  Earth’s biggest prison population, a source of dirt cheap labor.   “Mr Bernanke, what happened to the $9 trillion?”  “Dunno.”    At least 30 million on psychosis-inducing SSRIs.  47 million on food stamps.  “Mr Fuld’s Blackberry doesn’t open attachments.  Thank you for your enquiry.”  Home to nature-destroying Monsanto.  Crown family’s General Dynamics licking its chops waiting for the latest regime change call.   Fake wars on cavemen and drugs.  Hepatitis B shots at birth.  Lining up for meaningless HIV tests.  Retards ‘R’ Us coming to a UN-occupied town near you.  Millions who know nothing about basic geography and the meaning of Mark Bavis.  Why did Tiger’s ex-bitch tear down the house?

How do you explain these phenomena and much more?

You are a slave Neo and this is the dark age of Kali.

Click around for 2-10.

PS Good luck to anyone embarking on redeeming themselves via this outlook on life which largely sits on Roger Elvick’s shoulders.  The usual suspects aren’t about to surrender their stranglehold on the world and so any attempt to make the system work for you will probably end with YOU behind bars.  Go ahead and write that closed account check.  Try depositing it.  It’ll never work.  And with NDAA 2012 turning the Usurious Soviets of Amerika into a battlefield, don’t be surprised to end up in Guantanamo if you make your own toilet paper and trumpet “But it’s money!”  That said, it’s still liberating knowing this stuff even though the picture that emerges is even worse than the one Alex Jones paints everyday from his Austin command post.