The Teleprompter Messiah’s first move as Democratic Nominee was an AIPAC pilgrimage, where the anointed genuflected in the holy of holies to his Elders of Zion DC hierophant.  President Soetoro’s first staff pick was the dual citizen Israeli Rahm Israel Emanuel.  Last year, Bibi received 29 obsequious bipartisan standing ovations from his wholly owned Bordello Potomac staff members during a speech there, Earth’s largest whorehouse.

Just as Israel is the preferred shareholder of the Usurious Soviets of Amerika, Amerika owns its workaholic Shiba

  also known as Japan.  On big issues, Japan must follow orders from the world’s largest brothel, as it in turn, follows commands from its Israeli headquarters.

Japan needs to reinstate the spirit of 1846 when it still had the chutzpah to tell intruders to take a hike.   When Hamiltonian Rothschild agent, Jimmy Biddle, brother of Andy Jackson’s chief enemy, Nick Biddle, president of that Federal Reserve precursor, the Second Bank of the United States, sailed into Edo Bay that year, the Shogunate still had the balls–not to last much longer–to expel foreigners.

That spirit, alas, has since days long gone, disappeared.  Look at that pathetic Jun Azumi, like an aging desperate hooker, behind photos of Japan’s Emperor & Empress.  (It reminds you of that Emperor’s dad and that insulting photo with Doug MacArthur don’t it?)  Geithner is even teaching Azumi a simple Japanese lesson.  “Alright, Jun, repeat after me: ‘イランいらん。’” ”えと。。。イランいらん。” ”Good boy, Jun!  Now please bend over so that I can…”

Jun, tell that Hamiltonian Rothschild agent, Timmy Boy Geithner, to get the fuck outta Japan and mind his own business.

Oops, I forgot.  COSTCO just opened a Kyoto outlet, one further step, together with Mickey Mouse, Colonel Saunders, Ronny McDonald, et al, on the road to making graceful Japanese women look like this — typically Amerikan.  “Yeah, I’ll take that supersized pizza and that supersized Coke to go.”

In the meantime, do you HAARPIES get it?

The Unequal Treaties are still in force.  It’s business as usual in MOX-adoring effeminate Japan.