Get your map or globe out.

US Forces surround Iran with bases in Iraq and Afghanistan and possibly in Turkmenistan.  The Fifth Fleet is on the way to the Persian Gulf-

Suppose the Usurious Soviets of Amerika were surrounded on all sides by hostile forces and its nuclear scientists starting dropping dead like flies?

Oh, I know, I know, Ahmadinejad says he wants to wipe Israel off the map, so such a comparison is false because whereas Iran is Satanic, America is good, free and has the moral standing to act as a world policeman.  Besides, how many countries in world history have had a bona-fide Messiah at the helm, a Nobel Peace Prize winner to boot?

But where exactly did you hear the line the perpetually unshaven Iranian leader supposedly said, about obliterating Israel?   In the same lying media outlets that told you about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction? The same guys who lie about 9/11 all the time?  The same Hamiltonians who have epileptic seizures anytime anyone suggests vaporizing the Federal Reserve?

How many people who are absolutely certain about what Ahmadinejad said, speak, read and write Farsi?  Google around and get the facts.

Iran is the next domino to fall.  The Israel-Usurious States Axis divert their people’s attention from the crimes they commit on the home front and get them to focus, via a complicit mass media, on the Iranian bogeyman.   Why is virtually no one now in the big time media outlets talking about the draconian NDAA 2012?  Instead we get inane headline articles like this Why?  Because everything you’ve been told about life is a lie.

Who are the prime beneficiaries of a war on Iran?

The usual suspects–

Banksters and arms makers.