Haaretz reports on this story here http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/israeli-mossad-agents-posed-as-cia-spies-to-recruit-terrorists-to-fight-against-iran-1.407224.

Mark Perry is a peanut.

Boy Bush outraged?

Usurious Soviets don’t want a war with Iran?

Suppose Iran is Israel’s bitch and it surrounds the Usurious Soviets

with nasty military hardware

declares “We want peace.”

and imposes crippling sanctions.

A perusal of its resume-

chemical, nuclear and biological attack after attack on other countries

“for peace, Allah, and all things good under the Sun”

You’d laugh for good reason.

Barry Obomba’s first move as Democratic nominee-

his AIPAC pilgrimage

Israel, Amerika’s MASTER

NOT its “ally”.

9/11, an outside job!

Captain McGonagle, McNamara & Johnson told me so.